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Congratulations to our first Graduating Class👨🏼‍🎓

We are so excited that our first class to enroll are now graduates!!

We are so proud of our students!!!

This class made history in Adrian, MI in being the first group to have ever gained a Certificate of Completion from the first Barber College in this city!! They have successfully completed 1800 clock hours of study, maintained a passing grade point average, completed the required services, and are ready to be Licensed Master Barbers!

What's Next for Them?

In order to be licensed by the State of Michigan you must receive a Certificate of Completed from an accredited school, and then pass both a practical and theory exam.

Our students have step on completed and will soon be off to take their state board exams!

How you can support our students!

Every time you receive a haircut from our school you are helping a student do what it takes for licensure. You're continued support is strengthening the our community, one service at a time.

There are also T-Shirts available for sale to help us get the word out and to be a support to our organization!

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