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  • How much is tuition?
    *The cost of tuition has recently changed. Master Barber Stylist Program tuition is $8,725.00. Here's the breakdown: $ 7,215.00 Tuition $ 100.00 Application Fee $ 25.00 Insurance $ 425.00 Books & Laptop or iPad $ 960.00 Styling Tools & Supplies $ 8,725.00 Total Additional Fees Michigan State Board requires additional fees for compliance. These are paid directly to the State of Michigan. $ 80.00 Student Barber Fee $ 80.00 State of Michigan Barber Fee $ 161.00 PSI State Board Exam Fee $ 321.00 Total Payment Plans We have provided the option to those who are not paying in full, to make partial payments. Students that are not paying in full must make a down payment of $1,125. The remaining balance of $7,500 will be applied in automatic monthly pulls at the following rates: Full Time Payment Plan: $468.75/month - 16 months Part Time Payment Plan: $312.50/month - 24 months Payment Due Dates $100 Application Fee - Due at time of your Registration meeting at Legacy Barber College. We encourage you to tour our facility and ensure that all of your questions are answered first before you submit your non-refundable application. *$80 MI Student Barber Fee - Due at your Registration meeting, payable by debit/credit card only to the State of MI. $1,125 Deposit - Due at orientation, the day before you begin classes. The deposit payment is applied toward your tuition balance and secures your spot in the program. Your deposit is used to purchase your books, laptop or iPad, styling tools and supplies, and insurance and is non-refundable. $7,500 Balance - Due one month following your deposit payment on a day of your choosing. May be either paid in full, or rolled out within one of the Payment Plans that reflect your program. *$80 MI Barber Fee - Due at your Exit Interview upon completion of the program. Payable by debit/credit card only to the State of Michigan. *$161 PSI State Board Fee - Due at Exit Interview upon completion of the program. Payable by debit/credit card only to PSI. Getting Started To get you fully enrolled in the program you must be prepared to pay the Application Fee, the State of Michigan for your Student Barber license, and the Deposit. So the total you would have to pay to begin classes is $1,305. The payments towards the remaining balance will begin the month following your deposit payment date.
  • What are the hours?
    Our Master Barber Stylist Students are required by the state to complete a total of 1,800 clock hours. Our available program times are as follows: Full Time Morning (AM) Program 30 Clock Hours a Week 62 Weeks (16 Months) Tuesday - Saturday 8:30AM - 2:30PM Part Time Afternoon (PM) Program 19 Clock Hours a Week 95 Weeks (24 Months) Tuesday - Friday 2:00PM - 6:00PM Saturday 2:00PM - 5:00PM Due to recent regulations of COVID19 restrictions, and with our commitment to keep our community safe our Wednesday classes are now rendered virtually to limit exposure. In the event that a student falls ill, or contract the COVID 19 virus, or any other sickness, they are able to still attend school virtually. Logging on is required through our online system to receive clock hours.
  • When do classes start?
    Our next class will begin February 2023! Enrollment has just re-opened for the public January 3, 2023 to sign up for our Master Barber Stylist Program. We are hosting Open House events touring our facility and registering students every week this month. Please "Sign Up" asap to reserve your spot and begin your process of enrollment!
  • Do you offer any financial aid?
    We do not currently offer financial aid through FAFSA, yet. All of our students pay out of pocket costs for tuition. However, we have provided options to those who are not able to pay in full, to make partial payments. We are passionate about helping our students reach their career goals and are willing to work with those who are serious about making the necessary steps to becoming a Master Barber Stylist. If you need assistance in paying your tuition, please contact us. Scholarships may be available.
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